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49 things I have learned as I turn 50

The big Five OOOOOO!!  50.  About 8 months away.  I feel I have learned a lot this first half, so let me share some wisdom or silly dribble.

1. Smiling will make you look younger.

2. Have at least one friend who will always have your back.

3 .Your Mom is usually right. Dammit.

4. Your Father will always know if a man is right for you.

5.  Your heart will break. Break badly.  Shatter. But trust me. It will mend. Maybe not completely but  enough to love again.

6.  Invest in one really good handbag.

7.  Concealer will be your best friend.

8. Find an amazing hairdresser and stick with them, besides great hair they will be a great confidant. I am so blessed with one.

9.  Don’t gossip.

10. You fart. Just deal with it.

11. Practice Yoga and meditate. Often.

12.  Trust your gut. Every time.

13. Don’t over share on social media. It’s complicated??? Wtf????  Keep it private.

14.  Champagne at Sunday Brunch. Always.

15.  Hang out with your girlfriends often, they are so good for your soul. Except for the hot ones. Just kidding.  We love your perfect bodies   OK not really….: )))

16.  Don’t believe what your mind tells you.

17.  Write Letters and Thank You notes.  Pick up a pen people.

18.  Do something that scares the living sh*t out of you.

19.  Believe in love. Always.

20.  Love your own company.  I don’t mean where you work spaz. : ))  Yes I still say Spaz.

21.  Volunteer. Do something selfless for others. Trust me on this.

22.  Be very selective who you are intimate with, emotionally, spiritually and especially sexually.

23.  If you are going to spend money. Spend it on traveling and adventures.

24.  Don’t say negative things about your ex no matter how badly they betrayed you. This will be difficult but more healing than you can imagine. wish them well and move on.

25. Mom was actually ALWAYS right. Dammit

26.  Don’t cheap out on wine and vodka.

27.  Miss someone? Tell them.

28.  Say you are sorry even if you are not. Try it.

29.  Smile and say Hi to the elderly, they will always always say “hi” back…..

30.  Compliment a stranger every day.  I have for 30 years now. It’s fun and delightful to see the surprise on their face.

31.  Don’t ever hold a grudge.

32.  Kiss deep and hard.

33.  Invest your money.

34.  Learn to say no.   Except to the shoes. Buy the shoes

35.  Take care of your feet. They will take you miles.

36.  Adopt a pet. Even better,
a senior one.

37.  Have really good sex. (Sorry Mom)

38.  For the love of God…Floss!!!!!

39.  Quit smoking. I don’t. But if you do. Stop now. I need you here and healthy.

40.  You are never going to make everyone happy. Stop trying.

41.  My parents met on a blind date. Don’t be afraid of online dating. They are not all assholes.

42.  Have dinner parties.

43.  Never underestimate the power of a great foot rub.

44.  Get a colonoscopy. Shit happens. Literally the day before.

45. When someone says I trust you, treat it like
it’s the greatest gift you have ever received.

46.  Stop dieting. Have the dessert. I am pretty sure the ladies on the Titanic wish they had eaten the cake.

47. A first kiss will tell you pretty much what you need to know.

48.  Botox, bangs and perfect eyebrows will be your best friends.

49.  Lastly, drink up every delicious magical moment my lovelies. Namaste  xoxox

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