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For International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, two of our hosts, Nikki and Donna Saker, shared heartfelt messages for women. Click here to listen to Nikki’s message to the girls & women of the future.

Donna’s message was just as heartfelt, but more personal – she chose to focus on just one woman in her life. Donna’s mother, like many people’s mothers, has been an important mentor in her life. Setting the example for strength and grace, she helped Donna become the person she is.

Now, her battle with Parkinson’s disease continues in this path of teaching and setting the example.

Listen to Donna Saker’s letter to her mom:

Donna also posted this heartfelt message to all women on Instagram:

Happy International Women’s day my fierce fabulous females! Please continue to inspire, lead, take giant leaps of faith and use all that forward momentum….I am so in awe of many of you and you motivate be to be a better person…….remember you don’t need to find your voice ….. you have always had it ….. as long as I have access to a microphone you can be assured this chick will keep leading to the best of her ability  .

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